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[OT] ATX-PSU and amperage on connectors...


I am designing (with the help of Dallas/Maxim, NXP and LM) new DC-ATX-
PSU's (with 24V DC entry to use it in Photopholtaik-Systems) and was
searching for the amperage of the connectors of an ATX-PSU.

Does anyone know, where I can get the specifications for it?

E.g. the 24-pin ATX-Connector (24 pins) where we have

    or  bl  bk  gn  bk  bk  bk  wt  rd  rd  rd  bl
   |O   O   O   O   O   O   O   O   O   O | O   O|
   |O   O   O   O   O   O   O   O   O   O | O   O|
    or  or  bk  rd  bk  rd  bk  gr  pu  ye  ye  or

    +12  V     ye  yellow       =>  ???
    + 5  V     rd  red          =>  ???
    + 3.3V     or  orange       =>  ???
    + 5  Vsb   pu  purple       =>  2  A
    - 5  V     wt  white	=>  1  A
    -12  V     bl  blue         =>  0,8A
               bk  black	=>  GND

same for the P4 connector (4 pins)
    +12  V     ye  yellow	=>  ???

the 6 pin ??? conector

    bk  bk  bk  or  or  rd
   |O   O   O   O   O   O|

    + 5  V     rd  red          =>  ???
    + 3.3V     or  orange       =>  ???

and what about the SATA and old HDD connectors?
How many ampers must a cable support?

If you want to ask why I need more or less exact values I respond:

I have the need for 38 DC-PSU's for my own for a solar powered Project
and since my money is very limited, I want to avoid to buy electronics
I do not need...

Also I like to make the DC-PSU modulable, which mean, a standard layout
for the ATX-Connector and then modules which can be added if needed for
P4 conector, 6-Pin-XXX conector or the HDD connectors.  Also I want to
use ISO or AMP connectors insteed of making fixed cables on the DC-PSU
which bother me (personaly) if not needed.

For example, I was planing to use DC-DC-Converters from RECOM which have
a very high efficiency (>=88%) but are non realisable since a 40 Watt
model cost arround 72 Euros which mean for the ATX connector:

    +12  V      =>  3,3A       40W      70 Euro
    + 5  V      =>  8  A       40W      70 Euro
    + 3.3V      => 12  A       40W      70 Euro
    + 5  Vsb    =>  2  A       10W      25 Euro
    - 5  V      =>  1  A        5W      15 Euro
    -12  V      =>  0.8A       10W      25 Euro
                               145W    275 Euro

and a HDD-Cable for three/four devices could be something like

    +12  V      =>  3,3A       40W      70 Euro
    + 5  V      =>  3  A       15W      30 Euro
                               55W     100 Euro

So I can forget this nice DC-DC converters which simplyfiy design by
factor 20 but of the costs...

Even if I buy produce 1000 PSU's the price would be over 300 Euro
complete per unit.  (The "PicoPSU", a PSU on a ATX connector, support
only 12Vin but provides 120 Watt and costs arround 100 Euro)

Dallas, Maxim, NXP and LM offer step-Down regulators in 4x4mm to 6x6mm
cases with 3.3V, 5V, 12V plus negativ voltages up to 60 Ampere for
0.68 US$ to 3.27 US$

And yes, I have already tonns of free samples laying around in my
appartement...  (nice to solder TQFN packages... :-)

Thanks, Greetings and nice Day
    Michelle Konzack

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