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Re: raid10??

> almost there ;)
> i tried to follow the how-to-forge article on raid1 installation for a
> running system, replacing it with raid10.
> this seems to work nicely, attached my notes based on the original article.
> until the very last final step that is, getting the final raid10 to
> boot, i'm not having much luck with grub, i'm receiving grub error 2 at
> the moment for all 4 disks.
> before i continue on this path i want to ask if it is possible at all.
> md0 /root
> md1 /swap
> md2 /data
> so all 3 as RAID10 and no seperate /boot
> so here's the question.
> 1 this is possible and am i just to big a noob to get the correct grub
> parameters
> 2 this is not possible so i should use a seperate /boot in raid1
have decided to go for the safe shot and made raid1 partitions for /boot
and raid10 for the rest
not really sure if it would have been possible or easier doing this at
install time, but doing it on a running system has its advantages.
for those interested i have made some notes

this leaves me with 1 thing i can't figure out so far and that is that i
can start grub from all 4 disks as planned, but i can only boot in my
case from hd0,0 and hd3,0

is this correct for raid10???? it does make some sense but i'm not sure

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