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Re: raid10??

On Tue, Jan 29, 2008 at 05:23:25AM +0100, randall wrote:
> i have just installed with the debian installer making 2 x raid1 and
> then glueing them together with LVM
> 256 MB /boot raid 1 (on all 4 disks)
> 10 GB /root raid1 + lvm
> 1 GB /swap raid1 + lvm
> 500 GB unused raid1 + lvm
> (i wasn't very sure what to do about the swap but i think this means
> slower but securer in a case of crashing)
> till so far the performance feels pretty snappy but i still have to do
> some benchmarking and remove a few random disks to see what happens.
> anybody ever reliably used a set up like this in production?
I run a similar setup on many production servers.  On one, for example,
I have four disks.  I create two RAID1 arrays, /dev/md0 and /dev/md1.
Then I create a LVM volume group, adding both /dev/md0 and /dev/md1 as
physical volumes.  Then I create whatever logical volumes I want.  It
works very well.



Roberto C. Sánchez

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