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Re: two bind9 masters

On 12.10.07 14:50, Dan MacNeil wrote:
> I think the difference between the two approaches is that we:
> 	0) generate named.inc & zone files
> 	1) scp named.conf & zone files
> 	2) rndc reload the satellite servers
> and many other people have a script:
> 	0) generate named.inc & zone files
> 	1)  scp/rsync named.conf	
> 	2) rndc reload the satellite servers
> 	3)  use the bind replication mechanism

You're wrong, the 3) is here done automatically, those scripts do not care
about this. You are trying to make assumption those scripts care about more
than yours, which is not true.

> I claim our approach is slightly simpler as we don't have to increment 
> the serial# (perhaps done by SysCP) in the zone files and we have one 
> less step. :->

it's a bit different: Your approach requires distributing all the zones (not
just the bind config) across all servers, while others just distribute the

Also, the fact you don't increment serisl number makes your design much
harder to detect and fix errors, while DNS zone transfer mechanism takes
care about that automatically.

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