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Re: two bind9 masters

Dan MacNeil schrieb:
We decided not to use bind's replication mechanism because it required us to add zones to each server by hand.

For example in our named.inc

    zone "lbgc.org" {
            type master;
            file "db.lbgc";

In my setup I use a small shell-script that parses named.conf for the master-entrys and generates the named.conf (with the slave entrys) for the slave servers. It distributes that generated file via ssh with keyauth and reloads the slaves. This script is called before every master-reload. so that the slaves always know there zones and retrieve the zones when they catch the masters notify.

The masters named.conf and zones are generated with several admin-panels in the past. SysCP is in use here at the moment.

Best regards
Dominique Görsch

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