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Re: dovecot-auth

> > Is this possible at all to have only dovecot-auth running? (Either
> > with current version of dovecot in Debian, or with latest dovecot..)
> > The system is Debian Etch, version of dovecot is 1.0.rc15-2etch1.
> >
> Just instlall the dovecot-imapd package. There's probably a sanity check
> that's looking for at least one of the daemons. Only dovecot-auth will
> be launched if you have 'protocols = none' anyway. If it's really that
> huge of a deal, download the source package and change it. =)

That's correct, I installed dovecot-imapd and everyhting's ok. I just
thought that if there is a possibility of running dovecot-auth only,
then it shouldn't require any of pop- and -imap packages.


Timur Irmatov, xmpp:irmatov@jabber.ru

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