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Re: Password file with over 3000 users.

Roberto C. Sánchez wrote:

So, you would rather that things stay the same rather than improve (and
potentially break)?  There is an operating system targeted at just that
crowd.  It is called MS Windows.  You are more than welcome to go use

An improvement by who's standards?  The devs or the users?

Craig's comments about breaking user's local stuff on the whims of the devs, pretty much covers the rest of my thoughts on the topic.

Someone pointed out that Debian has release cycles. Yep, I've known that since 1995 or so, thanks. It's why I use Debian, and another "duh" moment...

But I've seen the devs get themselves all wound up in a tizzy over silly crap like this before, make changes, break things for end-users without need, and then wonder why users think Debian with it's "uber-great goals" is just as insane as say, the RedHat/Fedora/RHEL fiasco.

We should strive for that lovely and much lauded goal... "The principal of least surprise."

Some users have now used, and expect bash as the default shell on their Debian systems, for longer than some of the devs have been old enough to code, now.

Folks that KNOW why they need/want ash, dash, Bob's Big Boy Shell, or even... shudder... tcsh... know how to change it, easily.

Leave the average Joe alone, leave his defaults alone.  Be sane.


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