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Re: Password file with over 3000 users.

## Maximilian Wilhelm (max@rfc2324.org):

> > I don't think it's annoying. I feel annoyed bu many distros expecting
> > /bin/sh to be bash, bringing up meny incompatibilities with FreeBSD and
> > Solaris.
> So bash cannot do things FreeBSD or Solaris sh can?

There are (were?) some cases where bash is not strictly POSIX-compliant.
I remember some headache moving scripts from HP-UX (where /bin/sh is
a ksh88) to Linux with bash. I cured the major breakage by using ksh93.
In addition, bash has many extensions over "standard shells", so one
shoukld carefully look out for scripts with a /bin/sh-shebang which
are expecting bash and therefor will break with most other shells.

> What about using "#!/usr/bin/env sh" for all script which have to be
> sh-compliant?

You will have to agree on what bugs and features you expect from sh.


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