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Re: Password file with over 3000 users.

Am Sunday, den 23 September hub Matus UHLAR - fantomas folgendes in die Tasten:

> > On Sep 21, 2007, at 5:12 PM, Stephen Gran wrote:
> > >This is only true if the shebang is /bin/sh - you are of course  
> > >free to
> > >write maintainer scripts with /bin/bash as the shebang, just as your
> > >free to write perl scripts for your maintainer scripts.  That being
> > >said, there is a push for dash to replace bash as the dfeault
> > >non-interactive shell for lenny.

> On 22.09.07 07:06, Nate Duehr wrote:
> > Why?  Just to be annoyingly different from every other distro  
> > (again)?  Or is there a very compelling technical reason?

> I don't think it's annoying. I feel annoyed bu many distros expecting
> /bin/sh to be bash, bringing up meny incompatibilities with FreeBSD and
> Solaris.

So bash cannot do things FreeBSD or Solaris sh can?

> I'm for complete replacing of bash with dash, making dash essential
> (and bash not essential) and I've used dash (and ash, which was its previous
> name) since I've found it in debian distribution...

> I think that bash is bloatware.

Now *you* would break compability.
Sure, it's the problem of the user who wrote a script which uses
bashism and uses /bin/sh as shebang, but *you* would make it break.

What about using "#!/usr/bin/env sh" for all script which have to be

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