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Re: Software RAID (was [OT] 19"/2U Cases)

--On August 30, 2007 6:31:40 PM +0800 Thomas Goirand <thomas@goirand.fr> wrote:

As well, for monitoring, I suggest you to monitor the disks with smartd
(apt-get install smartmontools). You will need an MTA to receive the
warnings. This helps a lot when having a lot of server to remove disks
before they crash the system.

Have you seen SMART successfully predict or even notice an issue in production? We have drives go out all the time, many/most with SMART monitoring and smartd enabled, but never have we had SMART notice anything going wrong. And I'm talking more than just single read errors, drives that became complete bricks without warning from SMART. I don't have much faith in it as I've not yet seen it work and predict any failure at all.

Here's what I use:

:~$ cat /etc/smartd.conf
/dev/sdb -d ata -n standby \
-s (L/../../7/01|S/../.././01) -l error -l selftest -H \
-m serveradmins@example.com

/dev/sda -d ata -n standby \
-s (L/../../7/01|S/../.././01) -l error -l selftest -H \
-m serveradmins@example.com


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