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Re: incremental backups via ftp

* Christian schrieb am 23.08.07 um 12:59 Uhr:
> On Thu, August 23, 2007 11:58, Marc Schiffbauer wrote:
> > I suggest using curlftpfs to mount the ftp share on your machine.
> Ah, I forgot to mention that I tried this one as well. Mounting ftp:// via
> FUSE and then using rsnapshot to store "locally" while it's really the ftp
> backupspace. I really liked the idea, but when I tried it
> (debian/oldstable, 2.6.8), the fuse processes got stuck sometimes and
> where not usable. I shall try again with the current kernel.

I am using it on etch with a kernel and it works stable for months now.

> > This way you can use any backup solution that can save to disk.
> > Maybe rsnapshop or flexbackup would be good for you!
> I'll look into flexbackup, thanks!

you're welcome

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