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Re: Quagga

Jogi Hofmüller wrote:

* Carlos Renato Tasinafo <renato@internetzone.com.br> [2007-07-04 12:26]:
I'd like to known if anyone here uses Quagga (BGP daemon particularly) in large-scale ( 6 neighbours - full routing )

A little smaller, but still: 2 neighbours, not yet full routing table.
Runs on P4 with 2.8GHz and 1G RAM. The machine spends 99.17% in idle
task, using about 80M of memory (part of it is the ramdisk).

The machine has three fast-ethernet NICs but never has to handle more
than about 10mbps throughput.

Hope that helps.

Thank you so much Jogi,
I'm not sure about the performance, because I had a bad experience with Cisco 3640 . When I activated the full routing mode in this router, the bgp connection was reset apparently because lack of memory. One and half years ago the routing table received (full) was approximately 160k , Today I think this number is above 220 k.
Best regards,

Carlos Renato Tasinafo.

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