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Re: mysterious (futex)-hangs with pgsql authentication

also sprach Brett Parker <iDunno@sommitrealweird.co.uk> [2007.05.20.1136 +0200]:
> Have you installed nscd? If not, try installing that - it may fix
> the hang you mention later...

This does indeed get rid of the hang but I won't consider it a fix.

also sprach Stephen Gran <sgran@debian.org> [2007.05.21.0213 +0200]:
> The nss routines in nss-psql appear to be not completely thread
> safe. My best guess of what is happening is that user krafft does
> something that causes an nss lookup.  This fails to find an entry
> in passwd, and consults postgres.  postgres has an ident sameuser
> line in pg_hba.conf, triggering an nss lookup. 

Except that postgres is contacted via and a password,

  host    users        all            md5

is the stanza used.

> FWIW, we've recently moved alioth to using nss_updatedb as
> a result of symptoms exactly like this.  Various people have
> talked about working with the new upstream version of nss-pgsql to
> see if it does any better, but I don't know if they have working
> packages yet.

Ah, thanks for the info. nscd will do the job nicely. In our
environment, if the SQL database is down, it's hardly worth to keep
machines running.

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