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Re: Successful mail delivery report spams my server

Wojciech Ziniewicz wrote:
> I did not turn any notifications in postfix, my config is the same as it
> was..

It's not something you turn on, bust just a functionality postfix
announces during ESMTP EHLO which the sending SMTP peer may want to

> As I understand, with the new version of postfix there is *new*
> feature that enables the DSN function for successful delivery ,
> turning of the DSN will disable all notifications (failure, success
> etc..) that i obviously dont want..
> I dont have any configuration regarding DSN at all. I'm confused -
> please help .

This is because the new feature is enabled by default during ESMTP
transactions. If you want to simply fallback to the previous config
(with no DSN at all), just add

smtpd_discard_ehlo_keywords     = silent-discard, dsn

To your main.cf...

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