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Re: file system journaling

On 200704140126, Roman Pertl wrote:
> On [Fri, 13.04.2007 12:06], Anders Breindahl wrote:
> AB> Allow me to correct:
> AB> 
> AB> Ext3 journals both data and metadata. Xfs only journals metadata. But
> AB> that might be a relevant issue here, too, as many seem to prefer xfs on
> AB> their mail servers.
> no, that's not correct. ext3 can do both, jounral only metadata or
> metadata+data, although i don't know what's the default.
> see "man tune2fs":

I stand... well, not corrected, but enlightened.

I mentioned it in the Wikipedia article, where I was mislead.

Regards, skrewz.

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