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Re: backports.org became really shitty for php5-mysql and mysql-server-5.0

Craig Sanders wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 18, 2007 at 09:57:49PM +1100, Craig Sanders wrote:
>>>> if you're using backports.org, you may as well be using unstable.
>>> I do, but for development purposes only, like many. If it's about me, I
>>> use apache 1.3, php4 and mysql4.0 because I don't need anything else.
>>> But it's NOT about me this time, it's about other people, and I can tell
>>> you that there are a lot doing this.
>> you miss the point. backports is no better than unstable. once you use
>> it on a stable system, you've stopped running stable.
>> if you think a 'stable' system with some packages from backports is
>> still 'stable' then you are just fooling yourself. it's not.
> btw, the other thing that makes backports just like 'unstable' 
> is that you should test every upgrade on another machine *BEFORE*
> you upgrade production servers.
> you obviously didn't do that. otherwise you would have found the problem
> before b0rking your server.
> craig

If you were talking about me, then you didn't read me... I was NOT
talking about any of my servers, but about other people complaining my
app was not working because of that issue... Again, I do NOT use the
backports (except some tries on my laptop maybe), I use Sarge, Etch or SID.

Anyway, I think we are annoying everybody because of my first post. To
all: sorry, and let's stop, ok? :)


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