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backports.org became really shitty for php5-mysql and mysql-server-5.0


I want to cry about this issue...

Few weeks ago, it was possible to setup php5, mysql5 and apache2 in
sarge using the backports. But seems few weeks (maybe 1 week ?), if you
do setup php5-mysql and mysql-server-5 from the backports, then BOOM,
it's impossible for any php-mysql enabled application to authenticate.

I know how to fix, you "simply" have to recompile php5 using the
backports.org sources, but that's not the issue. I had a big bunch of
user of our control panel complaining about it, and most of it thought
it was the fault of our app, when it is really a backports.org issue.

I'm sure I'm not the only one that has to suffer this issue, it's time
consuming, and it gives a VERY bad image for the people thinking the
problem is from us, when the issue is out of our control. And I'm not
even talking about the hours that some of our users loosed on this...

Also, that forces some to upgrade to Etch when it's not yet released (or
to manually compile php5).

Does one of you know who I should get in touch with so this is
corrected? Setting-up php5-mysql, apache2 and MySQL server 5 in Sarge is
really something common, I think this MUST be corrected ASAP. I don't
know who's responsible for these packages as I'm almost sure that the
maintainer field in the control file is not the one who did the upload
in backports.org. If you know who I should get in touch, let me know.

There might be good reasons that I don't know about this upgrade. If so,
I'd be happy to know the reasons.

Sorry, I know it might not be the correct list to ask such things, but I
just use this list as I know there is nice and knowledge full people
reading here, that I'm registered and that I read all message of this
list, and finally that I'm sure someone will be able to point me to the
right people, and hopefully have a correction of this problem uploaded.

Thomas Goirand

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