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Re: Suggestions for a greylisting proxy?

Thomas Goirand wrote:
Joe Emenaker wrote:
We're looking to experiment with greylisting on our servers. However,
we're currently married to qmail, and that requires a complete
re-compile in order to build greylisting in. So, we're looking into a
greylisting proxy.

No need of such complicated things. Just get some patches for Qmail and
you are good to go!

From the looks of it, this requires rebuilding qmail, and that's not really an option.

The reason for this is because we're using a 1and1 server using FC2 and Plesk (yes, I know this is *debian*-isp. Every other box I manage is Debian, so I consider myself a member of the Debian community over any other). Yes, using 1and1 is probably low-class, but we got a root server for $50 per month, which kicked the living snot out of paying $1,000 for our T1 and $200 for rent for a place to store our boxes, so we switched... even though it meant using Fedora.

Our salesperson isn't unix-savvy, so all of their customer signup and config is done through Plesk. So, anything that confuses Plesk is simply not an option. This also includes anything that would need to be rebuilt after Plesk finishes an update (ie, overwrites our custom qmail with its own).

So, I think it's either proxy or nothing.

- Joe

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