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Re: Suggestions for a greylisting proxy?

> Joe Emenaker wrote:
> > We're looking to experiment with greylisting on our servers. However,
> > we're currently married to qmail, and that requires a complete
> > re-compile in order to build greylisting in. So, we're looking into a
> > greylisting proxy.

On 30.12.06 18:29, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> No need of such complicated things. Just get some patches for Qmail and
> you are good to go!
> http://qmail-spp.sourceforge.net/plugins/

OTOH, I would recommend to drop qmail and install MTA that has required
functionalitied built in.

(qmail misses many functions modern MTA should have, and has many bugs
modern MTA should not have)

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