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Re: Suggestions for a greylisting proxy?

Joe Emenaker wrote:
> We're looking to experiment with greylisting on our servers. However,
> we're currently married to qmail, and that requires a complete
> re-compile in order to build greylisting in. So, we're looking into a
> greylisting proxy.

No need of such complicated things. Just get some patches for Qmail and
you are good to go!


See the greylisting-spp plugin? Note that I'm using a setup with this,
spf, auth (with a checkpassword I wrote to use a MySQL db directly), and
some other plugins from the same site. It's working very well, exept TLS
that takes a HUGE load and that we had to disable. About that: it's
unclear how to cleanly disable TLS. I have just removed the certificate,
but Qmail is still announcing as supporting TLS, and some other SMTP
servers don't like it. Anybody knows?

Anyway, I think it's time for us to remove that last qmail server and
migrate it to Postfix. Qmail WAS nice, but it didn't evolve, and those
patch collection are a pain in the a... I really don't understand why
DJB don't integrate those patches in it's upstream distribution.


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