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Re: bandwidth aggregation

> On Nov 17, Gary Smithe illuminated :

> We'd like to aggregate bandwidth in such a way that all public
> addresses still work, but that bandwidth is somewhat evenly
> distributed.  This aggregation would hopefully have the side-effect of
> preventing outages for any of our customers if any 1 of the upstream
> links fails.
I have seen a small black box unit which will do this.  I have set up
this exact arrangement for one for one of our clients - a 3 person office
to do load sharing and balancing across two ADSL links.
Admittedly, 3 people and a total of 2MB is not quite the same scale ;)

Fortigate is the company.  They make firewall appliances and they're
pretty damn cheap for what you get out of them.

Linux wise, google gave me these 

OpenBSD might do what you want with CARP and pfsync.

sadly, I couldn't find anything with the magic word "HOWTO" in its title

Jean-Paul Blaquiere

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