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Re: bandwidth aggregation

Gary Smithe wrote:
> Hi folks,
>     Hopefully this question makes some sense.  I work at a small ISP,
> where we have 3 T1 lines coming in (from 3 different providers).  We
> have split different customers and services out on these 3 address
> spaces.
> We'd like to aggregate bandwidth in such a way that all public
> addresses still work, but that bandwidth is somewhat evenly
> distributed.  This aggregation would hopefully have the side-effect of
> preventing outages for any of our customers if any 1 of the upstream
> links fails.
> I'd prefer a GNU/Linux solution, but it doesn't have to be that way.
> Heck, we'd even pay for mysterious, closed, "black box" product, if it
> got the job done.

If you have all three links coming into the same Linux box, you can use
Shoreline Firewall's multi-ISP setup to achieve this.

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