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Re: mii-diag returns strange errors

Wojciech Ziniewicz wrote:
mii-diag eth0 :
Error counts, cleared when read:
    False carriers 258
    Link disconnects 16389
    Receive errors 35349
    Rx symbol errors 0.
    Rx 10Mbps Early End-Of-Frame errors 2128.
    Rx 100Mbps Early End-Of-Frame errors 1300.
    Tx jabber errors 0.

I dont' really understand what does that mean....

I dont see any disconnects on my eth0 but mii-diag sees ones...
eth0 is serving about 400 clients and stale transfer is about 11 mbit...

Is my hardware bad ? the other side is a big backbone catalyst..

Any CRC errors in ifconfig ?

Has the Cisco ever been rebooted while the Linux box stayed up? (Instant errors there...)

Can you look at the error counters on your port in the Cisco or get someone else to send them to you?

Check that both sides are hard-coded to 100/Full or whatever you're using. Autonegotiation can be problematic between some manufacturers.

Smells like a bad cable.


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