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mii-diag returns strange errors

mii-diag eth0 :
Error counts, cleared when read:
    False carriers 258
    Link disconnects 16389
    Receive errors 35349
    Rx symbol errors 0.
    Rx 10Mbps Early End-Of-Frame errors 2128.
    Rx 100Mbps Early End-Of-Frame errors 1300.
    Tx jabber errors 0.

I dont' really understand what does that mean....

I dont see any disconnects on my eth0 but mii-diag sees ones...
eth0 is serving about 400 clients and stale transfer is about 11 mbit...

Is my hardware bad ? the other side is a big backbone catalyst..

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http://silenceproject.org       | http://zetho.wordpress.com

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