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Re: Strange bind/sendmail issue

contained wildcard record. I then had to set up 'search' list in resolv.conf
not to contain the parent domain.

On 28.09.06 11:13, Erik Dörnbach wrote:
I'm not sure I fully understand, what exactly is any wildcard record good

imho for nothing, but many lazy/lame admins/companies use that even if they
don't know the consequences. You encountered one of them.

That would be us :->

We use wildcard dns because we have a few hundred personal websites:

	joe.thecsl.org betty.thecsl.org etc.
We were too lazy to add a DNS record for each person and too lame to script it.

We run into a bunch of annoying little problems. The most amusing is when a workstation has a /etc/resolv.conf something like:

	nameserver <our dns>
	search thecsl.org

When somebody from the university that supports us sits down expecting search to be cs.uml.edu and shell to cs-host, they get directed to our deafult host. If we were bad people we'd log passwords.

We do plan to fix this lame/laziness....

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