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Re: More sorbs blacklisting

On Wed, 28 Jun 2006 12:12:41 +0200, scholler@fnb.tu-darmstadt.de
(Christoph Ulrich Scholler) wrote:

> you would gladly sacrifice 20% of "legit" mail ... accepting
> 20% collateral damage smells of fanatism

But if I only sacrifice 20%, I still receive 80%.  That's a lot of
mail.  IMO, it's fanatic to believe that you can't tolerate missing
any email.

>Different admins will implement different things, causing a different
>set of emails to bounce. Thus, I will constantly have to deal with 20%
>of my outgoing email being undeliverable.

I believe content filters are less effective than the method I use,
which starts by demanding proper DNS.  It works so well, I can freely
publish my real email address, and yet remain virtually spam free.

My actual collateral damage is less than 20%, but I would accept that
much, to have the freedom of publishing my email address and remaining
virtually spam free.

>At no point was I arguing against a proper DNS setup or any other
>technical means to fight spam

Anyone who wants to stop spam should check for proper DNS.  There is
no good excuse for a legitimate mail server to lack it.  It should be
the de facto basis for all other spam control.

When more admins check proper DNS, peer pressure will encourage the
majority to conform, and in time, any resulting collateral damage will
become insignificant.

Proper DNS is easily within the community's grasp.  If we can't even
agree on that simple basis, then we have no hope of uniting to defeat

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