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Re: Adaptec AIC-79xx Problems

On Wed, 28 Jun 2006, Andrew Miehs wrote:
> I have a second box now up and running, and this does not seem to  
> have the problem. I am starting to get the feeling that its the  
> backplane on the SuperMicro SCA cage...

I have seen bad backplanes do very nasty stuff that resulted in disk errors
and data loss.  However, if the driver is crashing the box instead of just
killing all IO to the affected SCSI bus, then either the driver is buggy
crap (and crashes the kernel because of it), or the hardware is crap that
doesn't have a place in a server room.

I had issues with an onboard AIC7901A that looked very much like the one
you're having (but the kernel didn't hang, it just oopsed).  They were
solved in 2.6.12, but I haven't tried any newer kernels on that particular
box (which is in an isolated, secure lan).

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