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Re: iSCSI for hosted environments?

Am Montag, den 26.06.2006, 14:01 +0200 schrieb Frederik Denkens:

> We are about to purchase an iSCSI array (Intel) to centralize the 
> storage requirements we have.
> Initially we only wanted to use it less io intensive activities like 
> archiving and low-volume applications. But more and more we are thinking 
> about also running more intensive applications of it like IMAP and 
> MySQL. Altough here I have worries about performance. Ideally it would 
> be great if we could combine it with the advantages of system 
> virtualisation (xen).
> Do you have thoughts and/or considerations on this? Or any experiences?

right now there is no iscsi support in Debian.
The open-iscsi package are being maintained at
http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/pkg-iscsi and

I don't know the latest status of the package. CC: Maintainer.

Maybe this is the first step you need to get a working open-iscsi and
Debian. The needed drivers are in the vanilla kernel since 2.6.14 so you
would need a backported/self-built kernel.

Noèl Köthe <noel.koethe credativ.de>
Credativ GmbH, www.credativ.de

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