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Re: More sorbs blacklisting

On Mon, 26 Jun 2006 10:13:19 -0600, Michael Loftis
<mloftis@modwest.com> wrote:

>>> On 20.06. 02:15, John Kelly wrote:

>>>> I'll gladly sacrifice 20% of "legit" mail to stop 99.5% of all SPAM.

>It's nowhere near 99.5%.  Especially when you consider all of the blocking 
>I do based on *.adsl.* or *.dsl.* or (dynamicsomething).comcast.net etc. 
>catches a LOT of ratware running from machines with valid rDNS.

I do the same.  Reverse DNS does not catch all spam; however, reverse
DNS is the key piece of the spam puzzle.

>> 100% of mail originating from servers having proper DNS will succeed.

>Yup this is correct.  It's not like 20% of your outgoing mail will not get 
>there, it either will or it won't.

Yep, just fixup your DNS, and I will accept 100% of your mail.  Unless
of course, you are a spammer.  I wonder why they whine, heh.

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