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Re: route throught wall or above the head ?

2006/6/26, Leonardo Boselli <leo@dicea.unifi.it>:
On Mon, 26 Jun 2006, Christoph Ulrich Scholler wrote:
> We have had a similar setup at DebConf6 in Mexico.  It was a major
> source of frustration.  Take the temporary connection.

I forgot to say one thing: this connection have to transfer a
maximum of 4 GB of data daily, at 1 MB/s ... that is less than 3 horus,
unattended, and all but time sensitive. so even if it works for
three hours a day is always a lot of money saved ... If i have urgency i
can walk the 400m to the server !!!
So the question is: what is the easier to set setup that can give me less
than 21 hours of daily downtime ???
continuing your question : ... compared with link price and effectiveness ...

So what is easier/cheaper setup that give me less than 21 hours of
daily downtime and link efficiency will be high enough to serve
transmitting my data ?

I would not use DLink - it's crap.

If you're not too much "influenced" by your finances - it's highly
recommended to use the temporary link (unless it is set up on dlinks
too :D )


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