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Re: Debian modules

On Sun, Jun 25, 2006 at 11:07:20PM -0400, Dan MacNeil wrote:
> many more productive uses for your time than making sure the floppy 
> driver is not loaded.
> Though if pink, frilly fru-fru modules are really a threat to your 
> mascul^h^h^h^hsecurity... You can compile your own kernels that don't 
> have the ability to load modules at all.

apt-cache show lcap

Note that methods are known to insert code in non-modular kernels. So
lcap is not less secure and does not require time to compile a new

However, if hotplug udev and discover are not installed (or disabled) 
it is _quite_ strange that unwanted modules (not in /etc/modules* and
perhaps even aliased to off) are loaded by sarge (except perhaps sound
modules that were configured by alsaconf). The modules loaded by the
initrd are usually not "strange".

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