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Re: WLAN Ultra Security

Hi Marek                                      >@2006.05.09_19:55:54_GMT+0200

> I'm Administrator of Wireless Network in Poland. I want to deny unauthorized
> users from using my Internet Gateway (they are using mac change, ip
> spoofing, WEP cracking etc) AND protect my users from sniffing/tap.
> I've heard about the following solutions:
> - PPPoE
> - IPSec
> - L2TP
> - L2TP over IPSec
> - OpenVPN tunel

802.1x port auth for layer2 access (user presents an ssl cert)
OpenVPN (uses the same ssl cert to connect to the VPN server)

We have a network with the above model here in Cape Town. We also built a management
system and our own CPE devices. Contact me off-list if you want more info.

I think you are wasting your time with PPPoE.

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