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WLAN Ultra Security


I'm Administrator of Wireless Network in Poland. I want to deny unauthorized
users from using my Internet Gateway (they are using mac change, ip
spoofing, WEP cracking etc) AND protect my users from sniffing/tap.

I've heard about the following solutions:
- IPSec
- L2TP
- L2TP over IPSec
- OpenVPN tunel

Which of these solutions are the most secure for me? (exept OpenVPN because
it is impossible to install VPN Client in users computers).

 Recently I'm trying to setup PPPoE server on Debian Sarge. Using rp-pppoe,
correct Kernel configuration and basic settings all works good. The problem
is when I start MPPE encyption: After send packet to Debian-box I read from
syslog: Unsupported protocol. I don't know why after about twenty hours
spent with it and Google.

I have successfully setup Poptop and with encryption it works. But I know it
can be hacked trivially and I don't want to use it.

I've tried L2TP over IPSec, but without successfull. I've heard that it is
the best way (exepting VPN) to secure WLAN. Is it true?

Please tell me which of bellowed solutions I should use an how to configure
it OR send me Your suggestions about securing WLAN. It is really important
for me: you know how majority of WLANs are "secured". When I setup one (or
more ;) ) application level solutions, I will use WPA2 too.

Thanks for help and dedicated time for me.


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