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Re: OT: sorbs blacklisting scam

Craig Sanders napisał(a):
i don't use their RBL (although i do use their excellent dynamic IP
list) because i strongly disagree with their de-listing policy.

i don't, however, dispute their right to create and manage their RBL
using whatever criteria they like...i just exercise my right to not use

and, IMO, that's the correct approach - if you dont like it, dont use it
and convince your correspondents to not use it....but dont blame SORBS
if your correspondents decide to continue using the SORBS list even
after they have been informed of any (real or perceived) deficiencies
in SORBS's policies.  SORBS arent blocking your mail, they're just
publishing a list of IP addresses.

lawyers and censorship of SORBS is not a good solution and sets an
extremely dangerous precedent which could be used to harass any RBL -
they have a right to publish their list, and individual mail server
operators have the right to chhose to use it or not.

OTOH, "freedom" is not the same as "anarchy". And you can not freely go out on the street and shout "Mr. whatever is a fscking thief, he stole my 200$" justifying it by "it's the listener's choice whether he likes to believe it or not".
It's not as simple as you want it to be.
Try to "just make a list" of firms who do this or do that (generaly - something wrong), and publish this list on the internet. Unless you have strong proof for your acucsations, they'll sue your pants off.

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