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Re: OT: sorbs blacklisting scam

On Wed, 2006-04-26 at 05:48, Shane Chrisp wrote:
> My dealings with SORBS as well as always been ammicable. I think a lot might 
> have to do with the approach you take towards getting the listings dealt 
> with.

I think a lot has to do with your .au email address.
International lawsuits are a lot more expensive than
a quick injunction.

domain:         SORBS.NET
owner-name:     Sullivan, Matthew
owner-address:  PO Box 5150
owner-address:  6217
owner-address:  Bruce
owner-address:  Australia Capital
owner-address:  Australia

* SORBS lists based on rejected spam sent from their own
  honeypot addresses.  Reputable RBLs filter.
* SORBS lists based on a single hit.  Reputable RBLs
  list only on multiple hits, so as to avoid disprupting
  email on what make a fluke.
* SORBS doesn't change their honeypots often enough.

As a result, anyone can cause any ISP to be listed by
SORBS, simply by sending a forged spam to the ISP from
one of SORBS honeypot addresses.

I have no respect for SORBS.  I have no respect for any
ISP which, having been informed of the above, continues
to use SORBS.  Fortunately, such ISPs are extremely rare.

There are many useful and respectable RBLs.  We currently
require valid reverse DNS and reject IPs listed in any of:


--Mike Bird

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