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Re: ftp (with virtual users + quota support)

On Mon, Apr 03, 2006 at 06:12:12AM +0200, Mark Lijftogt wrote:
> Rafa? Stryjek wrote:
> > "1. currently we've for each ftp user 1 account on the box
> > (disabled). using vsftpd we could archive a real virtual user
> > solution. i just have 1 question regarding this: is it possible to
> > implement a quota on a user base ? like user mike has 20 MB and user
> > markus 100 MB ?" Is it possible in vsftpd?
> >
> Well, looking at the features of vsftpd on their homepage.. you 
> might think it's possible. "Powerfull per-user configurability".
> But when I take a stroll thru the documentation online I don't see
> anything that realy gives this some backing. Keep in mind, those were
> the only places I looked.

The per-user config is powerful and works just fine.

For quota support, use the filesystem quota. 


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