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Re: ftp (with virtual users + quota support)

Rafał Stryjek wrote:
> "1. currently we've for each ftp user 1 account on the box (disabled). using > vsftpd we could archive a real virtual user solution. i just have 1 question > regarding this: is it possible to implement a quota on a user base ? like
> user mike has 20 MB and user markus 100 MB ?"
> Is it possible in vsftpd?

Well, looking at the features of vsftpd on their homepage.. you might think it's possible. "Powerfull per-user configurability". But when I take a stroll thru the documentation online I don't see anything that realy gives this some backing. Keep in mind, those were the only places I looked.

The reason I choose pure-ftpd is because I don't have a lot of user administration when it comes to ftp accounts and I don't want to give everyone per default ftp access. I liked the jail-structure. Besides the fact you can limit just about any thing based on user, ip, bandwidth (up/down), number of files, up/download ratio, quota, time slot, sessions and so fort, it does it with it's own tools in it's own database.

What bothers me though, is that I don't know if there is are other in it's kind that can do the same, or can do something like this at all.


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