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Re: Which mail server?

also sprach Serhan D. KIYMAZ <serhan@kiymaz.org> [2006.02.24.0019 +0100]:
> Courier has problems with Outlook.

It does? Works fine here with about 130 Outlook users.

> Is qmail is good enough or do I have to choose postfix or exim?
> Which one and why?

qmail is okay if you like the configuration paradigm, and having to
build it from source (or via qmail-src). I found it quite painful as
every additional feature needs patches or addons to be downloaded
and maintained separately.

exim is the Debian default and you will find good support within the
Debian crowd.

My choice is postfix as I do not like exim's single binary approach,
as well as its attempt to do things an MTA needs not do (like local
delivery chains). You will find good support for postfix within
Debian, and I can also say that the postfix-users mailing list is
a great place.

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