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Re: apache ssl and php

I am using both regular apache with ssl and apache2 with ssl.

I have seen that before but I can't remember how I fixed it. Check to make sure the 
php pache modules are loading. 

Also, turn on logging in your php.ini file.

A lot of different things can cause that.

My best guess is that php is not setup properly.

On 14/02/06 11:19 -0500, Scott Mohnkern wrote:
> I'm working for the 1st time with apache-ssl and php, and am 
> encountering a problem.
> Whenever I open a file with an extension of "php"  (i.e. 
> https://www.mydomain.com/filename.php)  the browser is asking if I want 
> to save or open it, rather than process it.
> I'm not seeing this with standard http:// calls.
> I checked mime.types and php is there in /etc/apache-ssl
> Any ideas?
> Scott
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