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[OT] Re: sexy call girls

Chetan S. Mukundan
Please remove this entry !!!!!
It seems to have been created by some virus.
>> [and some bluster about official action]

Shannon R. wrote:
> Your an idiot for getting yourself infected with some
> virus - too bad it sent your info here.


While Chetan appears a little clue impaired at this particular moment in his life, you are clearly even less clued and without any obvious excuse.

You don't have to be subscribed to the list to post. (I am not subscribed from this address.) It is possible Chetan isn't either and has missed the doubtful benefit of your answer.

You don't have to be infected with a virus to have a member of the zombie army post in your name.

Being rude to Chetan isn't going to make him any smarter and the way you are doing it certainly doesn't make you look very clever.


It is unlikely that anyone on this list can help you. By asking the entire list you are spending the time of everyone on the list like the spammer has spent your time.

You should check out:


and perhaps drop (another?) polite email to:

	# mentioned in footer of each message.

with a specific request like:

	"please remove spam from list archives at:
	 URL, URL and URL, it is hurting me in google"

I understand that you're feeling a little upset, but there isn't a lot the listmaster ***has*** to do for you. --He didn't send the SPAM.

If you've **politely** written the listmaster and haven't gotten a reply in a reasonable amount of time, you might send a message to debian-admin@lists.debian.org, mentioning that you've not heard from the listmaster and asking what your next steps are.

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