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A good web platform

Hi all,

I have to deploy a secure (if can be defined in this way). So I need
to create an HA infrastructure and a secure workspace for vhosts.

For HA I've deployed ultramonkey environment. I've 4 servers in
backend and for fronted a cluster of two server with ldirectord. This
part works well.

Problem is on backend. I need to use on many vhosts with php4 and cgi.

While I'm using debian I've decided to use:



(note: for fcgid I have to use version 1.07 in testing while 1.05 in
stable has a bug).

Problem is maybe with fcgid while many php files (actually runs on a
standard environment) has problem with HTTP_HEADERS.

Any suggestions about running php4 in cgi mode with a per-vhost different user?


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