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Re: sarge: postfix/courier/postgresql and maildir quotas

martin f krafft wrote:
also sprach Andy <andy@besy.co.uk> [2006.02.10.1710 +0100]:

Could something like sqlrelay allow a pre 1.5 maildrop to talk to postgres SQL? I don't know if it can or not, just an idea.

well, it appears that Debian's maildrop doesn't have any SQL
support, only userdb.

Having checked my notes, you are correct. I couldnt find a maildrop packaged for Debian supporting BOTH mysql (in the old manner, not authlib) AND the Maildir++ extensions (for quota).

In the end I compiled Maildrop 1.6.3 from source and used /etc/maildropmysql.conf.

I appreciate you don't want to give up security support, but perhaps Maildrop 1.6.3 compiled from source could talk to Postgres through sqlrelay?


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