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Re: Dynamic or Static routing

2006. 02. 5, vasárnap keltezéssel 12.56-kor Pablo ezt írta:

>             Do anyone use or have a complete static-routing based
> network for customers (Cable Modem, DSL, dial-up, etc.) and/or
> backbone? Why static routing could be better than dynamic routing
> (RIPv2 or OSPF)? 

Maybe because you don't have to worry about the routing daemon, so a bit
more secure. But it is a nightmare to configure dozens of routers by
hand, even if you use cfgengine or similar tools. And with static
routing, configuring back-up routes is more complicated.

So I bet on dynamic routing. We use quagga on several Debian boxes as
dedicated routers and a few openwrt at some points (also uses quagga).
We use BGP at the border routers (since international and in-country
ISP-exchange routing is advertised via BGP) and all BGP routes are
advertised via OSPF inside + internal dynamic routing with OSPF.
Making a good dynamic routing policy is hard, but makes life easier


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