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Re: Dynamic or Static routing

On Sun, 2006-02-05 at 07:56, Pablo wrote:
>             Do anyone use or have a complete static-routing based
> network for customers (Cable Modem, DSL, dial-up, etc.) and/or
> backbone? Why static routing could be better than dynamic routing
> (RIPv2 or OSPF)? 

Static routing in all but the simplest cases means that you have
to configure every network to know about several other networks.
That is a lot of work and quickly gets to be an error-prone
maintenance nightmare.

Dynamic routing means that you have to put extra effort into
configuring your routers up front.

Where all traffic either remains within one network or passes
through a single central router then static routing with a
default gateway works fine.  That's the only case I can think
of where static routing is better than dynamic routing.

Once you get much beyond that you'll need dynamic routing.
Also, if any dialup customers have static IPs and can dial
into more than one gadget then you'll need dynamic routing.

We use OSPF on Ciscos, Linux boxes, and PM3s.  We haven't
had compatibility problems except when I broke the OSPF
rules trying to be too clever with multiple areas.

--Mike Bird

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