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Re: Qlogic FC Multipath and engenio

--On February 1, 2006 8:42:47 AM -0500 Doug Griswold <griswld@cio.sc.gov> wrote:

You will see at least 2 devices for every one drive depending on your san
configuration.  Multipath tools or mdadm can combine these to make one
multipath device.   The qlogic driver will do this for you as well.
 From what I have seen if you want support from the storage company you
should connect the way they specify in their docs.

I'm not entirely sure the 2.6 stock drivers do the failover support. I know the 2.4 drivers don't. The available drivers from qlogic do.

Also your storage vendor may have specific versions of firmware and drivers that they certify in order for you to get support. That might be moot though sincce most of them don't support Linux. Just RedHat, and sometimes SuSE.

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