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Re: Panel of Control.

Rodney Richison wrote:

Hello Thomas,

Back when I was experimenting with packages.  I think I installed every
one of them known to man...  Yours was the one I liked the best!
Why? Good debian support. Paypal module. I just liked the flow of it.
Thanks a lot, that's a very nice encouragement, we'll keep going on.

Unfortunately, I didn't go with any control panel.  Still doing it by
hand. I think the biggest hold up at the time for me was the lack of a
good looking webmail solution.  Horde kicked my butt as I recall..    :)
Still using sambar for the webmail stuff..  Though, I've no gripes about
sambar. It is loaded on a windoze box..  I guess we have to have at
least one windoze box in the mix...
That's not something the control panel will to do. The latest Horde3 is nice but it takes a while to install manually. We wont support this or that webmail in the panel itself, that's the job of the package installer. With few clicks, you would install a webmail inside any domain. I've tried to start packaging horde, but it's unfinished.

It's very easy to write each small package installer script to use a package archive and install it according to the user's specifications, but let's be honest: if nobody contribute some package installer scripts, there hundreds of package to install, only the one that we like. Contributions are very welcome on this topic (it's very easy to do).

I think I'll fire up the old test machine this morning and play with
Good to hear from you....
I've just created a mailing list for developers (send mail to dtcdev-subscribe at gplhost .sg).


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