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Re: urgent quota email option help required

Keith Edmunds a écrit :
If your request is "urgent" (as the subject says) and you need help "ASAP" (as the text says), you should not be relying on the voluntary help offered by a mailing list.

I can only subscribe to what Keith said. A voluntary help mailing
list is not a H+4 hotline :-)

This said, I don't use webmin as I like editing text files,

- email warnings are triggered by warnquota
- warnquota takes its configuration in /etc/warnquota.conf
- warnquota is ran daily by default : /etc/cron.daily/quota

Here is my /etc/warnquota.conf (adapted):

MAIL_CMD        = "/usr/sbin/sendmail -t"
FROM            = "your.address@your.domain.com"
SUBJECT         = You have exceeded your quota
CC_TO           = "your.address@your.domain.com"
SUPPORT         = "support.address@your.domain.com"
PHONE           = "01 69 63 60 05"
MESSAGE         = "Blablabla||Blablabla||blablablabla||"
SIGNATURE       = "Your signature"

Try dpkg-reconfigure -plow quota, it should ask you questions
about warnquota configuration.

BTW, if your use of quota is critical, test it before production
or with a test account by lowering quota to a very small level
and by running manually /etc/cron.daily/quota.


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