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Re: ticket systems

Dan MacNeil wrote:
 > You don't ask people to use it -- you make it policy -- with
 > management's approval.  Psychology shows that people will meet their
 > needs via whatever methods are open to them.  Close the other methods,
 > and they'll come in through the front door.

This makes some sense in the context of an "internal" system with "internal" customers/peers.

With external customers, one's ability to set policy is a bit more limited. They can buy service and support from somebody else if they don't like your policies.

Yep. Even internal users can do that nowadays... just outsource the IT department.

Even with internal customers, it might be better to pick a ticket system that allows users to interact entirely through email than to spend political capital on enforcing a policy.

Yep. Of course the IT group spends all his/her political capital whenever they have to beg for budget/resources with no metrics, too.

Two-way street.  :-)


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