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Re: Cheapest "software" RAID card

On Mon, Oct 24, 2005 at 04:46:21PM +0800, Jason Lim wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have been investigating cheap "software" or "host-based" RAID cards.
> They tend to be magnitudes cheaper than real hardware RAID cards like
> 3ware/AMCC. But for some purposes, you don't care about the CPU overhead,
> but do want something hardware (not md software raid) especially when your
> on-board controller is crap.

Why do you want to use the "fake hardware RAID" of these cheap
controllers?  They are outperformed by Linux md and Linux md has the
advantage that it is portable and open source.

Silicon Image, Rocketraid, Promise, these all perform well, but I
would never ever use their "fake RAID".

> Could anyone tell me which cheap "software" RAID card works best right
> now, in that I can put in a Debian install disk and the stock kernel
> detects the RAID card and the array on it (more or less like you would
> with a 3ware or other cards, but without the better performance)?

I've had no issue using Sarge's Debian Installer to install to
Silicon Image SATA controllers.

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