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Re: Cheapest "software" RAID card

> > I have been investigating cheap "software" or "host-based" RAID cards.
> > They tend to be magnitudes cheaper than real hardware RAID cards like
> > 3ware/AMCC. But for some purposes, you don't care about the CPU
> > but do want something hardware (not md software raid) especially when
> > on-board controller is crap.

> I'd strongly advise you to go for a "real" raidcontroller; for a 2-disk
> look for a 3ware 8006-2LP. You can get these for about 150 euros, and
they are
> both extremely stable and easy to monitor.

Yes I know about that... we also have 3ware cards here in use. But
sometimes you're looking for a "cheap" option if a setup requires it,
especially on workstations where top performance is not required.

Now that Linux is heading more for the desktop/workstations rather than
just servers, you'd think more "consumer" level devices would be supported
over time, which is happening. But I guess if the hardware manufacturers
don't co-operate it doens't help. Anyway... any ideas which cheapy RAID
cards work?

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